The Chain

The olive oil processing process starts in the field, where the set of cultivation treatments must guarantee healthy olives at the right point of ripeness. The goodness of the oil is closely linked to the quality of the olives, to the care in the production and processing.

The olive harvest generally takes place by mechanical shaking in the period of the first decade of October in which the olive re-enters the phase of veraison, that is the color change of the fruit which from green becomes purplish and then black. It is in this moment indeed that there is the greatest quantitative concentration of oil and phenolic substances that give the organoleptic and nutritional qualities to the oil.

The olives, after harvesting, are transported to the mill where the milling takes place within 12 hours as the stationing increases the acidity and oxidation of the fats and a greater tendency to go rancid.
The mill is equipped with separate production lines: conventional and organic, with controlled and certified manufacturing processes.
We rely on the best modern technologies to guarantee high standards of food safety, hygiene and quality in oil production thanks to the use of stainless steel in all the parts in contact with the olives and oil, with the kneaders closed by doors, with internal washing systems of the tanks.

It is a continuous cycle plant with constant temperature monitoring. The first phase of the process with the storage of the olives is physically separated from the phase of crushing and extraction. Distinguished from the production department, the warehouse with stainless steel tanks where the best extra virgin is stored under nitrogen. The processing temperatures are constantly checked to guarantee the maintenance of all the organoleptic and healthy properties of the oil. Cold extraction means adding process water with temperatures never higher than 27 ° C,

also monitoring that the olive paste and oil do not overheat. This precaution in process, ensures that the oil does not undergo alterations and preserves at best its natural set of flavors, aromas and above all polyphenols. These precious substances, which we can perceive when tasting the oil because they are responsible for the bitterness and spiciness, are able to protect not only man but also the oil itself from the natural cellular aging process.