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Frantoiani for passion. Since 1978

Frantoiani for passion

The Ranieri Agricultural Company is located in Borgia among the glimpses of wide green hills and centuries-old olive trees with a breathtaking view of the sea.
Here we grow our 50 hectares on which about 10,000 Carolea cultivar plants dwell. In addition to the care dedicated to the cultivation of olives and the choice of the best fruits, we have the advantage of dealing directly with the transformation in our family oil mill.

Territory and Carolea

In the heart of Calabria, where the sea breeze of the Gulf of Squillace meets that of the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia, the optimal climatic condition that the olive tree needs is born.
We find ourselves in the so-called "Isthmus of Catanzaro", the narrowest point in Calabria where the opposite gulfs push into the territory with the desire to meet. Right in the middle of the large Gulf of Squillace, the Magna-Greek and Roman colonies sprang up and flourished since the 6th century BC. to which we owe the presence of the olive tree in Calabria imported from Asia Minor. The enormous development and diffusion of this ancient crop is due to the temperate-warm type of climate, typical of the Mediterranean area characterized by mild winters, hot and dry summers. Constant windiness and low atmospheric humidity contribute to make the air particularly healthy.

The Olive Oil

The olive oil processing process starts in the field, where the set of cultivation treatments must guarantee healthy olives at the right point of ripeness. The goodness of the oil is closely linked to the quality of the olives, to the care in the production and processing.
The olives, after harvesting, are transported to the mill where the milling takes place within 12 hours as the stationing increases the acidity and oxidation of the fats and a greater tendency to go rancid. The mill is equipped with separate production lines: conventional and organic, with controlled and certified manufacturing processes.


Certificated Oil

Our history

Frantoiani since 1978


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